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Go Overseas, More Than Experiences!

Posted by on 5 September 2013

A Global Community Development Program Report

Preserving Our World with Eco-friendly Resolutions (POWER)

Ateneo de Manila University Philippines, 19 January – 03 March 2013

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. It is a wise word from Henry Miller. Almost all of students at my collage—Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia—have a wonder to go abroad. Since my first year, I also put this longing while I made an attempt on looking for every chances. How lucky I am, I reach it at my sophomore year.

I passed a test from AIESEC LC IPB after through some selections: form phase, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), interview phase I and interview phase II. I choose Philippines because the country is a little bit same with Indonesia but almost all of the citizens already speak English very well. And about the program, I do always take a look at environmental field that fit with my study and passion.

The program named Preserving Our World with Eco-friendly Resolutions (POWER). It held on January 19 until March 3, 2013 by AIESEC Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. Objectives of POWER are promoting sustainable energy and make the youth aware of the current environmental issues through sessions in various schools. There were 14 college students from different countries took a part of this program. Well, let me tell you guys about learning points and moments that we had been through!

Talkshow with Various High School Student

1370_382346454_IMG_1446 Me

The main point of program is how to empower youth awareness of environmental issues in the Philippines. Talkshow held at some schools, there were schools at Olongapo City and Women School at Katipunan, Quezon City. We made attractive talkshow with students about some kind of topic such as environmental issues that they have to face in the Philippines, how their daily activities give a huge footprint for environment condition, showing them types of garbages and how to solve it in different countries, and the last session whipped them to make their own project related to environmental problems in the Philippines. We also practice them how to make paperbag from used newspaper. Though sometimes it was so tired because we delivered presentations almost 4 times a day at different classes, we were so glad of their respect and aspire to knew more!

Organizations and Companies Visit

POWER’s trainees available to have a deep-sharing with some organizations and companies at Luzon Island. There were Asian NGO Coalition (ANGOC), Greenpeace Philippines, SunWest Co, and Philippines Geothermal Production (Chevron). Moreover, we need a consultation about our talkshow module. ANGOC is NGO that works at sustainable agriculture in the Philippines. It’s about twice meeting with them and Greenpeace Philippines. Even Greenpeace invited us to join their campus program at De La Salle University.


SunWest Co is a company that works at green-energy with the sources are hydro and wind at villages. They already had projects all over the Philippines. We also were invited by them to came at one of their project but it was so far for us. It needed a plane to go there.

Chevron is an international agency that produce geothermal energy at some regions all over the world. In the Philip pines, it located at Tagaytay City. It’s about 2 hours to go there from Manila. We alson had it in Indonesia, located at Darajat, West Java.

I had a chance to ask them about Lapindo’s incident at Sidoarjo, Indonesia. Even they were surprised about it and proved that it needed a accurately calculation if you wanna built a company based on energy production. They suggested Indonesia to solve it by freezing the core of mud cavity so it would not spurting anymore.

Environmental Tours

While our crowded days, we still had some free time. But then we had idea to went around public places neaer Manila region and take a look of environment condition there. Also, we interviewed local citizens about their opinion related to the Philippines environmental problems. The places that we went already visited were Rajah Sulayman Park, National Police Commision, San Andreas traditional market, Rizal Park, public transportation (MRT, Jeepney, Tricycle), Manila Zoological Garden, Intramuros and Taal Volcano (I also wrote a trip report about it). Some of citizens told us that national police should stop government corruption practice and combine the green-law all over Philippines. Furthermore, the citizens awareness of environment needed to be increased.

You should know guys, all malls at Manila already banned plastic as their pack. They changed it to paperbag. Even at small market put additional charge if you wanna used plastic bag. Waste management in the Philippines already works well because almost all dust-bin provided different type of garbage such as plastic, bottle, organic or non-organic. But then all the garbages would be carried by garbage truck and put at unfiltered open landfill. We though that it was so wasted. But over all, we got learning points about environmental management in the Philippines. One thing that overawing me was Tricycle drivers and small restaurants even speak English very well (although their Tagalog accent was very strong!). It really help strayed tourist over the Philippines.

That’s all my experiences when go overseas to the Philippines. After all, the important thing that we got is friendship! Even all POWER trainees still keep our contact by chatting and social-networking. Once again I tell you guys, going abroad is so amazing! It’s not only a tons of experiences, but also a massive turning point, uncountable knowledge, a booster of leadership organizing. Thanks many bunchs!

Larasati Widyaputri

Undergraduate Student of Resources and Environmental Economics

Bogor Agricultural University


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