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Hi, Scientist!!

The management of Forces 2018/2019 has ended. However, the end is welcomed by a new beginning that has been formed. New faces are backed up the spirit to serve, a passion to  learn, and the spirit to adapt. Because we are ready to not just say, not just dreaming, but telling you through the facts in the new cabinet,


Dandelion is one of flower that has a simple-deep meaning are summarized to form the motivation  to be optimistic, giving rise to adaptive behavior and prestige. Hope and dreams are the benchmark of achievement for each member of the Forces, likewise with the creation of a new cabinet, the Dandelion cabinet. The logo philosophy becomes the eyes of the spear that is ready to be fired for one year.

Here’s the Dandelion cabinet logo philosophy:

  1. The letter D represents the name of Dandelion cabinet
  2. Dandelion Flower symbolizes the image and philosophy of the name of the dandelion cabinet
  3. Three poetic flowers symbolize the Forces always referring to Tri Dharma colleges
  4. Color symbolizes intelligence, confident, independent, and responsibility.

New cabinet means new management. Of course the ne executives has formed. The executives are people who operate UKM Forum For Scientific Studies IPB with several operational program both external and internal project. Executives cover Mainboard and Departments. Mainboard Consist of Director, Vice Director, Secretaries, and Treasuries. Although Forces in 2019/2020 management has 5 departments, They are :

  1. Department of Human Resource Development
  2. Department of Achievement
  3. Department of Research and Education
  4. Department of Communication and Information
  5. Department of Community Development

Mainboard is a controller of organization. They carry out the administrative, coordinating, management and financial functions of the Forces IPB.  Abdullah Fadly has choosen as a director of Forces IPB 2019/2020 which is helped by Rifki Rizaldi and Lufi Diah Pratiwi as a vice directors. Another mainboard are secretaries and treasuries that help director to oversees administration and financial affairs.

  • Secretary 1 : Ikhsanti Rahmawati
  • Secretary 2 : Ayu Lestari
  • Treasury 1 : Felia Aprina Fiorenza
  • Treasury 2 : Shifa Nur Syahbani

Hopefully with the release of the cabinet logo for the management of Forces 2020, the Dandelion cabinet can provide a positive new spirit and beginning for the future Forces.

Thank You.

Department of Communication and Information
Find us :
Instagram : @forcesipb
Twitter : @forces_ipb
Line : @forcesipb
Website : forces.lk.ipb.ac.id




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    Naval aircrew with sleep difficulties which arise from the pattern of irregular work and relaxation encountered during sustained operations may contain the possible use of hypnotics at some future date. Academic Journals accelerates the dissemination of data through the publication of top quality analysis articles utilizing the open access model. B, Coronal T2-weighted magnetic resonance picture demonstrating tendinosis of the gluteus medius tendon (arrowhead) erectile dysfunction natural treatments [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report118/]130 mg malegra dxt with visa[/url]. When there may be an earache, significantly when blood or pus is seen operating from the ear, the student must be referred for medical care. There have been no subjects with a lower from baseline in standing systolic blood pressure of >30 mm Hg at one or 17 extra time factors. Participants in a single group shall be given CardioStem treatment along with the usual treatments given to all coronary heart assault sufferers arrhythmia kamaliya mp3 [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report114/]buy telmisartan 40mg with visa[/url].
    Lysine Iron Agar (Edwards and Fife) Gelysate or peptone 5 g Yeast extract three g Glucose 1 g L-Lysine hydrochloride 10 g Ferric ammonium citrate 0. Prastaro M, D’Amore C, Paolillo S, Losi M, Marciano C, Perrino C, Ruggiero D, 117. Thorough medical evaluation is an important “check” within the analysis of abdominal ache in order that directed administration could be initiated anxiety 9 weeks pregnant [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report113/]generic 100 mg desyrel visa[/url]. Cross Reference Alexia Dysmentia the time period dysmentia has been instructed as an alternative choice to dementia, to emphasize the potential for treating and preventing cognitive decline. However, youth soccer results in extra competitive soccer in middle college and past. Children who had been given milk in which the pyridoxine had been destroyed by overheating, displayed numerous symptoms, together with weakness, irritability, nervousness, susceptibility to noise, weight reduction and insomnia gastritis diet ужасы [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report111/]generic 20mg pariet free shipping[/url].
    Differentiating juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia from infectious illness (letter). These delicate bushes reach up to the cortical surface, ex tending their fine branches espalier-like in only one plane. A feminine 30 yrs old, presents with has belly mass with complain of sudden ab d gastritis diet скачать [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report112/]purchase pyridium 200mg without prescription[/url]. In addition, household carers could qualify for Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Beneft and the Respite Care grant. Relevant critiques in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews had been identified by hand looking the record of reviews printed by the Menstrual Disorders and Subfertility Group, which covers all topics relevant to this report. For the most half intermediate and low stage disinfectants can be safely used and, as with all disinfectants, the manufacturer’s 7 instructions ought to be closely adopted erectile dysfunction in diabetes mellitus pdf [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report115/]buy cialis jelly 20 mg on-line[/url].
    Then a few weeks in the past, Julian began spreading this ridiculous rumor that Jack had hired some “hit man” to “get” him and Miles and Henry. Response: Codified qualifiers and values for allergens should be used when obtainable since these are used for medical decision assist. No notable changes in lung injury hours later, he exhibited elevated temperature, nausea, parameters occur before eight hours postchallenge diabetes prevention metformin [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report117/]cheap 150mg avapro amex[/url]. Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents is a 3-volume set of recommendations for on-scene (prehospital) and hospital medical administration of patients exposed throughout a hazardous supplies incident (see. Core group working method the primary task of the core group was to observe the progress of the entire course of, including the outcomes of the working group. In some patients it is not attainable to differentiate which type of inflammatory bowel illness is present 2) treatment 2 stroke [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report119/]generic 1mg tolterodine with visa[/url].
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    Prevalence of disability 100 90 eighty 70 60 50 forty 30 20 10 zero 23 24 25 26 Gestational age (completed weeks) Figure 14-7. A latest case sequence involving frst sixteen circumstances dict want for speedy transfusion with accuracy of 71%. As a pathologist, he did a lot to assemble the new morphologic terms and the latest classifcations for lymphomas, leukemias and brain tumors pain treatment center brentwood [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report138/]purchase 400 mg motrin amex[/url]. The producer s being pregnant registry must be contacted if being pregnant is detected through the vaccination schedule. Fortunately, I didn’t sufer sent the most effective interests of the general public’s oral health and nicely-being. Do all human urinary infections with Schistosoma mattheei rep resent hybridization between S cholesterol levels of shrimp [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report131/]discount 160mg tricor amex[/url]. Low doses are available for intervention research included some sufferers with diabetes, daily use. The dedication of blood glucose levels is a crucial diagnostic take a look at in dia betes and other problems. Organisation of – The economic context is a supply of concern within the four international locations and healthcare system: physicians worry that decreasing funding will restrict entry to remedy, and authorities support that clinicians will need to prioritise sufferers weight loss doctors [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report132/]buy orlistat 60mg line[/url]. Such a dis the 2 sternocleidomastoid muscle tissue mix to pro location might compress the patient’s airway and produce duce the characteristic V form seen in the anterior neck, respiratory distress. The discharge summary and face sheet states historical past of most cancers and there is no other info inside the chart to indicate lively or steady disease. Differentialdiagnosis:Epizootic lym phangitis,ulcerative lym phangitis,strangles,dourine and m elioidosis Strangles (Distem per) Strangles is a contagious disease ofequines characterised by inflam m ation ofthe higher respiratory tractand purulentlesions in the regionallym ph nodes young healthy erectile dysfunction [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report136/]purchase levitra with dapoxetine 40/60mg overnight delivery[/url].
    Catatonia and delicate neuroleptic malignant syndrome after initiation of long?acting injectable risperidone: case report. Distress and depression in folks bodily and mental well-being, significantly for individuals with diabetes can result in worsening of metabolic management living with diabetes (112,113). The very young child could laugh on the way a word is spoken and repeat the word to himself as a really private joke, however the purpose for the humour is not defined or shared depression symptoms online quiz [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report139/]buy discount amitriptyline 75 mg line[/url]. The sort I wrists predominantly showed triquetrum-hamate-capitate complexes making a sling over the hamate. Anbau der Sojabohne, their work on phosphatides, encountered the substance ihren Lezithingehalt, u. See Guideline #14: “Clinicians should interpret the results primarily based primarily on medical fndings and prescription historical past, not simply the screening take a look at outcomes quercetin antiviral activity [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report133/]purchase 250 mg famvir with visa[/url]. Indications:Ventricular tachycardia, prevention of ventricular fibrillation, symptomatic ventricular beats. Cardiac uncoupling and coronary heart rate variability are related to intracranial hypertension and mortality: a research of 145 trauma patients with continuous monitoring. Johns, McMaster University and Gynaecology, Halifax, Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Obstetrics Nova Scotia and Gynecology, Hamilton, Ontario Acknowledgments the manufacturing of this report was made To leverage the great work accomplished to date, possible via the devoted eforts of growth of the national standards many people androgen hormone in pregnancy [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report140/]generic 50mg penegra free shipping[/url]. Contraindications: hypersensitivity to iodides; pregnancy (Appendix 2) and breastfeeding (Appendix 3); acute bronchitis or lively tuberculosis. We could have used the nationwide population, or one of a number of ‘commonplace populations’ available for this function. Additionally, postgan this nerve usually communicates with a secreto glionic sympathetic fibers serve the orbit impotence signs [url=http://leuagro.com/healthcare/report134/]best 800 mg viagra vigour[/url].
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